At Tonso Elite Enterprise, your financial freedom is our main worry. Grow your finance. Be an Elite Investor.

Elite Mentality…


We help you make smart choices with your money. The banks don’t. Select the Investment plan that suits your financial goal today.

Financial Investment

Elite Investments is a subsidiary of Tonso Elite Enterprise Limited dealing majorly in Money Market. All businesses in relations with Investments, especially Forex Trading.

Discount Shopper

Tonso Elite Enterprise Limited offers this special service promotion to every interested person, especially its investors. Get a preferred product at a discounted price today.

TonsoElite Farms

Tonso Elite Enterprise Limited has a subsidiary farm specialized in agricultural produce. We have skilled farmers, expert professionals  and the necessary machineries, including a wide expanse of land required for sustainable agricultural production.

TonsoElite Academy

At Tonso Elite Academy, we aim to tutor and train students on the principles of forex trading and how to scale the market successfully. This process requires intentional  skill acquisition and profound trading knowledge. Care to join our academy today? contact us

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Create an account with us, where you can track your investment, generate MOU and request for payment.

% On Investments

The amount of money which is traded in the forex market over a period of time after which you get your funds plus the profit, usually 20% ROI in 25 working days, unless you’ve chosen a different plan.

Funds Management

Your funds need to be properly managed and that’s our specialty. Instead of worrying over what to do with your money. Let’s manage them for you and watch as it grows. That’s the Elite Mentality.

Why Invest with us?

Our expertise at managing funds in the Money Market is top-notch. 

Skilled Professionals

We have skilled professionals who know their onions. They fully understand the specifics of forex, real estate, agriculture and general merchandise.

Smooth Operations

We have an organized structure of operations to ensure optimum efficiency. Our employees admire the common goal of growth.

Risk Managements

Our operation is technically risk-free. We channel our expertise into all of our operations— applying precautions and standard principles of risk management.

What are people saying?

It’s been one year since I started investing with Tonso Elite Enterprise. My only regret is I started late.

Nothing makes me happier than receiving my ROI every 25 working days. It feels like quitting my day job.

I can borrow money from the bank to invest at Tonso Elite Enterprise. That’s how much security they have assured me.

I had doubts at first and it has been six months since then. Thank you Tonso Elite Enterprise

All I can is say is Thank you to Tonso Elite for helping me stay on top of my financial goals.

Investing everything I have with Tonso Elite. Infact, I don’t have cash in my bank, Tonso Elite is my bank.

I thought it was one of those scam or Ponzi schemes. I decided to try it out, I understand the process now and I’m stuck for life.

Still have questions?

Our customer representatives are available to help you on any questions you may have.